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“Tresa’s interviewing style is amazingly effective and her extensive background is impressive. Above all, she embodies empathy and positive energy. I count her as a treasure.” — Wendy Willow Wark, Workplace Diversity Educator

“The training session we did together was the best I have ever participated in. Your approach was so effective, I am hoping we can work together again.” — Jan Scott, Upwardly Global

“Tresa was truly amazing on the project—driving the work forward, pulling us together, and filling in the holes where needed.” — HR Manager, The Gap

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I am a strategic thinker and business-savvy coach, instructional designer, project manager, objective observer, incurable optimist, take-action planner, and implementer.

I now devote the majority of my time and expertise – pro bono – to assisting leaders of U.S. and global organizations in their mission to educate and level the playing field for women, minorities, and the under-served.

Contact me to help you clarify, communicate, and implement your programs.

Tresa Eyres

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